Welcome to the Merinda Park BC merchandise page.  Please have a look through our range of fantastic items. To order please click on the link below to access the clubs online store.

1. Our store is OPENED for controlled “selling” periods determined by the club, for two weeks, 4 periods per season. First store opening is  now (28-11-2018) for two weeks. Ongoing dates will be promoted on FB and the website. Members will need to set up a account.

2. Store  has style sizing guides built in.

3. Members will order and pay via Fly hi website, delivery will be in bulk to Merinda park for distribution. There is an option for members individual delivery, but adds ($ 15.00 per consignment payable by the member at the time of ordering)

4. Production turnaround = 4-5 weeks

MPBC Store (Click here):  Online Store




Price: $33.00



Price: $33.00

Price: $ 45.00

Price: 30.00


Price: 50.00


Price: $50.00

Price: 45.00


Price: $50.00


Price: $12.00 (Based on an order of 50)