Training Venue and Times

Our club trains on Monday and Wednesday Nights (see training times below).

Our training venue is Lyndhurst Secondary College
950 S Gippsland Hwy, Cranbourne VIC 3977
Enter via Gate 3 on Wentworth Street
(see map at bottom of page)


Roster Monday Wednesday
5:15-6:00PM Coach 5:15-6:00PM Coach
Court 1A Neonats Sheehan Cubs Rhiannon
Court 1B Boas Ryan Sapphires Damien
Court 2A Hatchlings Ty Bulls Tyler
Court 2B Copperheads Mick
6:00-6:45PM   6:00-6:45PM  
Court 1A Pythons Kevin Cobras Mark
Court 1B Thunder Terry Hoppers Terry
Court 2A Giants Tom Storm Rhiannon
Court 2B Crystals Emily
6:45-7:30PM   6:45-7:30PM  
Court 1A Anacondas Damien Tigers Damien
Court 1B Vipers Steven All Stars Dean
Court 2A Adders Josh Titans Mark
Court 2B Angels Paul Hurricanes John
7:30-8:15 PM   7:30-8:15PM  
Court 1A Spurs Robert Crushers John C
Court 1B Ambers Shaun Kings Rhiannon
Court 2A Devils Damien Dragons Dean
Court 2B Venom Norm
8:15-9:00PM   8:15-9:00PM  
Court 1A Emerlds Paul Phoenix John
Court 1B Wildcats Wes Taipans Ash
Court 2A Wizards
Court 2B